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What is Student Legal?
Student Legal is a prepaid legal plan offered by Gulf Atlantic Legal Defense Insurance, Inc., a Florida-licensed prepaid legal expense insurance company. We've been providing prepaid legal insurance in Florida for over 10 years. Through our affiliates, we've provided insurance in Florida for over 40 years. Our principal office is in Tallahassee.

What is Prepaid Legal Insurance?

Why do I need Prepaid Legal Insurance?
Sometimes, life gets complicated. You get asked to sign contracts, leases or other legal documents you may not understand. You may have creditor issues or unresolved disputes with someone. Your Plan attorneys will:

While you don't expect to get arrested or charged with a crime, many students have experienced:

If you DO find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time, a Student Legal policy ensures that you'll be prepared.

What Does The Student Legal Plan Cost?
The annual premium is $300 per year. We offer premium payment plans, the most popular of which is a $50 down, $25 per month plan (for 10 months). Click here for Pricing information.

Can I Buy a Student Legal policy after I'm charged with a crime?
Our policy must be in force when the arrest (or other legal matter) occurs. You can purchase our plan, but it will only apply to legal matters arising after the date coverage starts.

What If I Don't Like The Plan Attorney?
Let us know. We'll assign another Plan Attorney to represent you.